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New concert space in Poulsbo

Jazz Canvas is still going strong, we’ve just been performing a variety of venues; we have done a lot of private events, festivals and schools and fundraisers. The problem is no venue has been very consistent for for our local friends of Jazz Canvas for one reason or another. Although we still plan to tour, we’re getting ready to bring it back to our home base in Poulsbo. Terry and I have been working hard to build a 2200 sq ft. barn on our own beautiful field in Poulsbo, WA. We are excited that this will be a multi-purpose music facility used for performances, rehearsals, music educating, music camps etc . . .

We’ll be posting updated pictures but for now you can check out the plans and see more at

We helped to raise over $2,500 for needy Kitsap families!

Many surprises at our pre-holiday fundraiser show on Nov. 16 at Abundant Life Foursquare Church in Bremerton. First off, from the performers perspective, the crowd was amazing. There was lots of energy and support right from the downbeat.  I cannot express enough how important that is when one is improvising and taking risks live on the stage. Thank you! Plus, according to Ken Templeton of ALFC, the concert raised close to $2500 for Santa’s Cause;  A nonprofit group dedicated to helping families during the holiday season. We are so happy we can give back to our own community in ways that will truly brighten many people’s lives this Christmas season!

Another big surprise was our painter Sharon Wilfong. Although Sharon is not new to the performance art painting, this was Sharon’s first appearance with Jazz Canvas. She was truly capable and up to the task! We all had a lot of fun interacting with this very talented woman! I personally heard many positive comments about her work. Thank you Sharon!  Now can you please come over and scrape the paint drops off my drumset? Thank you everyone! It was a truly moving evening of art, music, and community.  - Terry

Jackson Rice teams up with Jazz Canvas to benefit KHS Band Program

What do you get when you mix award winning producer/musician Jackson Rice with Kitsaps favorite Jazz group, popular local artist Derek Gundy, and Kingstons largest church, Bayside Community? A recipe for a seriously good concert experience.  This amazing collaboration happened on October 20th, at Bayside Community Church in Kingston.   What made this concert all the more special is that all of the proceeds went to help the Kingston High School Band program.  All of the areas local band programs have been feeling the crouch from school district cut backs but both the North Kitsap Band and Kingston Band have been hit really hard this year.  This concert raised enough money to make an impact, a total of over $2000.   Jackson brought his brand of smooth jazz smothered with effects and processing on his trumpet. playing tunes off his recent solo album ”Firefly”.  Derek Gundy, painter, continued to surprise and entertain and ended up with a fantastic painting full of emotion from the show.  Plus we had a welcome addition of a second painter, something we’ve always wanted to see. Sallie Nau, new painter, did an impressive job, bringing vision to the music. All in all, we feel good about bringing the arts to Kitsap County and contributing back to education of the arts. Thanks to all who attended and sponsored!

Our last Jazz Canvas show – a successful new format.

Hey, we at Jazz Canvas are artists through and through and artists never stay the same. We are always trying to create something new, something different and explore aspects of our world from new angles to give our audiences new perspective. Since the visual aspect is so engrained in our culture we, thought, what if we try exploring music by color? Does music have literal visual color? To us who have synesthesia, yes. We can experience familiar feelings we might get when we see “blue” which match those same feelings when we hear for instance, John Coltrane’s “Love Supreme.” Some people literally “see” the color when they hear music. Not all of us see it but, it sure is fun to watch a painting develop around these color confines. It’s more proof that music and visual art have a lot more in common than face value. So for the next couple shows, we are going to stick with this new format of “A Journey Through Color” Blue-Yellow-White-Red-Black for now. We will still feature the music of individual music artists just to see how each painting will turn out absolutely unique and “one of a kind.”

Calling all artists!

We thought we’d put a post out there, we are always looking for qualified artists/painters for Jazz Canvas. We do travel occasionally but we like to stay near Kitsap/Seattle area. We prefer that you have been formally trained in art and/or music understanding basic concepts like, composition, color theory, theme and repetition. We require that you are deeply affected by music and it’s power. Experience playing an instrument often helps. This is a specialized “performer” position so auditons are required. Please contact Terry Marsh if interested

Desiree opens a new Capitol Hill art gallery

Desiree D’Ambrosia Shafman, one of Jazz Canvas’s painters, recently opened a new art gallery on Capitol Hill in Seattle called Northwest Wood Design and Lucid Fusion Studio. Although an intimate space, it is wonderfully open and bright, filled with the vibrant, beautifully colored paintings by Desiree and unique wooden pieces by furniture designer/maker Dale M. Shafman. We are so excited to announce that we are going to try the gallery out for a Jazz Canvas show. This will be no ordinary show, however. We will be exploring the concept of “color” in music and art and featuring a peek at our developing production show. Jazz Canvas’s own creators will be the featured band, Terry Marsh on drums, Tracie Marsh on bass/vocals and Josh Mason on keys.

The new Seattle gallery, Northwest Wood Design and Lucid Fusion Studio, is located at: 611 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA

Jazz Canvas featured at CWU

Central Washington University Music Department welcomed Jazz Canvas on October 24, 2011 as featured artists for their evening convocation. We performed in CWU’s main auditorium to a packed house. Artist, Desiree Shafman responded beautiful in color and composition to a fabulous group of musicians. The band included, Malo Castro, auxillary percussion, Dave Carson, saxophone, Josh Mason, piano and keyboard, Terry Marsh, drumset, and Tracie Marsh, bass vocals (featured artist.) The concert was comprised of an eclectic mix of jazz and “hard to categorize” music. Tracie introduced a newly composed song, entitled “Gray.” View the video on youtube.

Looking for a Seattle side venue

We are looking to expand Jazz Canvas to a consistent (monthly) venue on the Seattle side. Many of the musicians we feature are based in Seattle and there have been a lot of requests from friends and family of Jazz Canvas to bring it to their home area. We prefer an intimate environment like an art gallery or a small stage performance venue so our audience can still be part of the “experience.” If you have any ideas where you think Jazz Canvas could prosper, we would love to bring our love of synthesizing the arts to the east side of the Puget Sound.

Seattle Art Walk Show

We are being featured during a Seattle Art Walk on Thursday October 6. At 88 Keys in Seattle, Fremont area. The show will be a normal two-hour Jazz Canvas. 88 Keys will have the option of pre-sale tickets but we are hoping to get some walkers to come in and watch the magic. $20/ticket.

Welcome to the new website!

I am excited to present our new website which is quite advanced compared to our simple After, considering many of our fans suggestions, the goal was to make it more visual with lots of options for our enduser while keeping the navigation simple. Jazzcanvasonline will soon be redirected to Our endusers can stay involved too, by commenting into our blog or facebook. We love your suggestions so feel free to let us know who you might like to see featured at future events.

Website designer, Tracie Marsh