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Desiree opens a new Capitol Hill art gallery

Desiree D’Ambrosia Shafman, one of Jazz Canvas’s painters, recently opened a new art gallery on Capitol Hill in Seattle called Northwest Wood Design and Lucid Fusion Studio. Although an intimate space, it is wonderfully open and bright, filled with the vibrant, beautifully colored paintings by Desiree and unique wooden pieces by furniture designer/maker Dale M. Shafman. We are so excited to announce that we are going to try the gallery out for a Jazz Canvas show. This will be no ordinary show, however. We will be exploring the concept of “color” in music and art and featuring a peek at our developing production show. Jazz Canvas’s own creators will be the featured band, Terry Marsh on drums, Tracie Marsh on bass/vocals and Josh Mason on keys.

The new Seattle gallery, Northwest Wood Design and Lucid Fusion Studio, is located at: 611 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA

Susan Pascal, vibraphone – Sat. Feb 11 at Knowles Studio, Poulsbo 7pm

Susan Pascal, vibraphone – Sat. Feb 11 at Knowles Studio, Poulsbo 7pm

Jazz Canvas is proud to bring back one of our favorite musicians, Susan Pascal. Pascal’s name is as recognizable on the Pacific Northwest jazz scene as the unique tone of the instrument she plays: the vibraphone. If you mention area vibraphonists, or listen to a CD produced by a local jazz musician and the recording includes a vibraphonist, chances are pretty good that Pascal’s name appears in the conversation or on the liner notes. When I mentioned this to her last month, Pascal deflected the praise. “Well, that’s interesting, because there are some very fine vibraphonists in Seattle,” she said, during a conversation in the living room of her West Seattle home. “There’s Tom Collier, who was my teacher at the University of Washington, and who has released two CDs. He’s incredible. There’s Ben Thomas, who has his own group, produces his own CDs, and is a fabulous player. I think one of the reasons my name might be mentioned is because I’ve played on various projects that fortunately get radio airplay and gig a lot.”

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Dave Carson, saxophone – Sat. FEB 4, at Island Music Center, Bainbridge 7pm

Dave Carson, saxophone – Sat. FEB 4, at Island Music Center, Bainbridge 7pm

Jazz Canvas is proud to feature Kitsap’s own, Dave Carson on saxophone on February 4 at a different Kitsap location, The Island Music Center on Bainbridge Island. The show will start at 7pm and go until 9pm. Tickets are $20. Dave is one of the most well renowned saxophonists in the Northwest. He has played with many greats, Mel Torme and Smokey Robinson just to name a few. Read more about Dave . . .

Tracie Marsh, bass/vocals – Sat. April 14 at Island Music Center, BI

Tracie Marsh, bass/vocals – Sat. April 14 at Island Music Center, BI

We will be featuring the Tracie Marsh Trio, Island Music Center, Bainbridge Island, WA, on April 14. Different from our regular shows in production, but same in the concept spirit, we will be taking our audience on a journey through “color,” and theme complete with multi-media video. This new show will be more of an exploration of the concept of “synesthesia” – when art and music collide.

Many people don’t know Tracie has a music performance degree and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in design so this is not the beginning of her fascination with color and sound similarities. Having taken both theory and history courses in both art and music degrees simultaneously, she saw how the two worlds reflected one another. She has worked professionally for many years in both worlds as a professional musician and a professional graphic designer. This Jazz Canvas show will be an exploration that will take the concept to the next level. We will be journeying through: Blue, Yellow, Red, White and Black music with music from Tracie Marsh, Terry Marsh, Josh Mason and Dave Carson and painting from our featured artist: DEREK GUNDY

We are very excited to also be featuring Derek Gundy, as our interpretive painter. Derek has quite an expansive portfolio as a professional artist whose work has been displayed in galleries and other public artwork displays. He is an art instructor and owner of “The Artist’s Edge” in Poulsbo, WA. Read more about Derek here.

The Island Music Center’s performance theater is conducive to a new show like this, acoustically sound and truly a center for patrons of the arts. This intimate place gets you right up close with our artist and the vibrant artwork displayed all around the walls.   SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTS! We don’t want you to miss this special event. Seats are limited to 60.

THE ISLAND MUSIC CENTER CENTER IS LOCATED AT: 10598 NE Valley Road, Bainbridge Island WA 98110

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