Monthly archive - June 2012

Our last Jazz Canvas show – a successful new format.

Hey, we at Jazz Canvas are artists through and through and artists never stay the same. We are always trying to create something new, something different and explore aspects of our world from new angles to give our audiences new perspective. Since the visual aspect is so engrained in our culture we, thought, what if we try exploring music by color? Does music have literal visual color? To us who have synesthesia, yes. We can experience familiar feelings we might get when we see “blue” which match those same feelings when we hear for instance, John Coltrane’s “Love Supreme.” Some people literally “see” the color when they hear music. Not all of us see it but, it sure is fun to watch a painting develop around these color confines. It’s more proof that music and visual art have a lot more in common than face value. So for the next couple shows, we are going to stick with this new format of “A Journey Through Color” Blue-Yellow-White-Red-Black for now. We will still feature the music of individual music artists just to see how each painting will turn out absolutely unique and “one of a kind.”