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Jackson Rice teams up with Jazz Canvas to benefit KHS Band Program

What do you get when you mix award winning producer/musician Jackson Rice with Kitsaps favorite Jazz group, popular local artist Derek Gundy, and Kingstons largest church, Bayside Community? A recipe for a seriously good concert experience.  This amazing collaboration happened on October 20th, at Bayside Community Church in Kingston.   What made this concert all the more special is that all of the proceeds went to help the Kingston High School Band program.  All of the areas local band programs have been feeling the crouch from school district cut backs but both the North Kitsap Band and Kingston Band have been hit really hard this year.  This concert raised enough money to make an impact, a total of over $2000.   Jackson brought his brand of smooth jazz smothered with effects and processing on his trumpet. playing tunes off his recent solo album ”Firefly”.  Derek Gundy, painter, continued to surprise and entertain and ended up with a fantastic painting full of emotion from the show.  Plus we had a welcome addition of a second painter, something we’ve always wanted to see. Sallie Nau, new painter, did an impressive job, bringing vision to the music. All in all, we feel good about bringing the arts to Kitsap County and contributing back to education of the arts. Thanks to all who attended and sponsored!

Sat. DEC. 8 on Bainbridge Island 7pm

Sat. DEC. 8 on Bainbridge Island 7pm

It’s a SPECIAL Christmas Canvas! We’re planning something very unique to the season for this one. We will be exploring different emotional aspects of the traditional Christmas colors, RED and GREEN. Expressed through music and art of course. We will be featuring one of Seattle’s top-call guitarists, Mark Wilson. A little about Mark:

Before the age of 24, Mark Wilson has toured over 30 countries playing in a 16 piece band. He has spent well over 10 years producing records for regional artists and 20+ years touring and recording on nationals records. He recently recorded “The Fireplace” CD in 3 days beginning with little more than 3 or 4 simple 8-bar notions —a realtime evolution of spiritually influenced sounds. More

Our evening will include incredible live music and live painting by Kitsap-based artist, Leigh Metteer, lighting effects, and collaboration with the Island Music Center team as we begin celebrating the holidays together.  We are excited to share this inspiring synthesis of art and music.

Hope you can make it! – Terry and Tracie