The Painters

Tracie Marsh
Jazz Canvas Co-Founder Musician and Artist

Tracie Marsh, a Seattle area native, is an artist in all senses of the word. She holds two degrees; a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a Music Bachelor of Arts (in bass performance) degree from Washington State University and has been doing music and art her whole life. She has been a fine artist, doing commission work and painting for Jazz Canvas as well as a professional designer. While living in Boston, Tracie was an art director for a software company. Since moving to Kitsap, she has been a senior designer for a major advertising company and currently runs her own design business. In music, Tracie has also traveled the world as a musician, touring and working 4 years on cruise ships. Tracie plays in several bands and held the principal bass position in The New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra. She has played for large productions and entertainers such as The Platters, The Drifters and many other Las Vegas acts. Tracie’s current projects include; Soul Siren Band, Jazz Canvas and the Tracie Marsh Band.

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Leigh Knowles Metteer
Knowles Studio Owner and Artist

Since 1981, Leigh Knowles Metteer has maintained a continuous exhibition schedule and gallery representation. Her etchings, lithographs, paintings and drawings are in collections all over the world. Her interests in the figure, landscape and allegory have produced works that solicit both quiet introspection and dynamic revelation. She embraces formats that range from 1-inch miniatures to 15-foot multi-panel prints.

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Desiree M D’Ambrosio Shafman
Seattle based and touring artist 

Desiree has been an artist for many years. During her artistic progression, she has discovered music as a means of creating visual art. In 1994, Desiree began studying African polyrhythms while playing in a drum circle. She discovered sound/color corelations as shapes moving through a composition and took note of thier their balance/counter balance points. This has opened up a world to her that is both aural and visual. Because of her sensitivity to tones, sounds and rhythm, she is a perfect fit with Jazz Canvas. Apart from Jazz Canvas, she has artwork featured in many galleries in the Seattle area presently.

Desiree says:
“My process of creating is based on a fusion of three mediums: painting, percussion and improvisational dance. The end result is a visual experience of music directed by corelating sound vibrations to color vibrations in which I explore similarieties in tone, characteristic movement, shape and repetition within the context of a rhythm.” 

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Derek Gundy

Kitsap based and touring artist

Artist Derek Gundy lives and works in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, Washington. Gundy grew up on the rugged coast of Maine, learning the business of art supplies, picture framing, and gallery in his family’s business, Huston-Tuttle & Gallery One. After earning a BFA degree at Maine College of Art in 1992, Gundy returned to the family, where he would have his first one man show, as well as participate in many group and juried shows.

In 2003 Gundy & his wife moved to the Seattle area. Gundy now manages a successful art supply and framing operation “Artists’ Edge” in Poulsbo, Washington, just across the Puget Sound from Seattle. For the past 5 years, Gundy has also developed an education program, facilitating art classes and workshops for well known instructors as well as teaching some himself.


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