What exactly is Jazz Canvas?

Jazz Canvas – a fusion of arts, is a 2-hr. performance combining the work of musicians and a painter who begins and ends a work of art in response to the music. Each performance features a guest musician and is unique, unrehearsed and spontaneous – in the best of jazz traditions. At the end of each evening, the painting is raffled off to a lucky winner.

Jazz Canvas performances occur monthly at our home base location, Knowles Studio in Poulsbo, WA and quarterly at our Seattle location, Urban Enoteca in Seattle’s Sodo District. Jazz Canvas also does tour occasionally.


Jazz Canvas beginnings . . .

L-Leigh Knowles Metteer, Mid-Terry Marsh, R-Tracie Marsh

Jazz Canvas is a concept conceived by Terry Marsh, Tracie Marsh and Leigh Knowles Metteer. After doing a few jazz concerts at Knowles Studio in Poulsbo, they came up with the idea of adding a visual aspect to the music. Since Jazz is such an organic form of music, containing the elements of improvisation and dialog between players, interpretive painting seemed a natural next step.

Music is an art form that is, when perfomed live, in the moment then fleeting. And jazz music is rarely played the same twice. The painting adds interest to the performance by recording these “moments” and transforming the colors and tones of instruments and voices meant for ears into colors and tones meant for our eyes.

Our culture is so inundated with moving lights and colors in advertising and movies that people nowadays identify with their eyes more than any other sense. Rarely do we have the opportunity to just listen and experience life. We believe that Jazz Canvas is exploring a synthesis of the fine arts and bringing it tangibly to the public in a contemporary way. Even “non jazz fans” might find themselves enjoying jazz music for the first time.

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